Concretamente, un apunte contra la inflación identitaria en ciencias humanas y sociales (si es que fuesen cosas distintas) y los prejuicios y perjuicios que se derivan de la misma:

To conclude, in my critique of identity-based social thinking, I have presented three theses. First, I have argued that it is extremely important to recognize that identities can be plural (and not merely singular), even when they compete with each other. Second, it has been argued that identities can be chosen, and not just discovered, even when the choice is constrained (as all choices are). And third, I have also argued that identities, important as they are, are not all important, even when the broadest form of identity – identifying with all – is taken into account. Moral and political inclusion transcends the domain of identity. These issues are not only of interest for our social understanding, but also of relevance in facing some of the most difficult practical problems in the contemporary world. There is need for clarity on all this.

Amartya Sen, “Other people”, British Academy Lectures, impartida el 7 de noviembre de 2000.

Quizá algo de perogrullo, quizá, pero ya saben: hay que decirlo más.